1 year experience


I’ve always wanted to tattoo. I started designing tattoos when I was fifteen. My uncle wanted an intricate damask dagger with initials of our family hidden in it. It took me years to perfect it. In those years I pursued an art degree at MSUM, dabbling in drawing, painting, and ceramics. I wanted a background in art to help me define my dream of being a tattoo artist.  In April of 2014, that dream was realized in full when I walked through the door of Golden Needle to set up an appointment for my uncle. He was finally going to get his dagger. The design helped me strike up a conversation with Anita and when I inquired about an apprenticeship…it all snowballed from there. I’ve been learning and developing   my skills with all of the artists in the shop, and I can’t even describe how lucky I am.  Being able to watch all the artists in the shop, I’ve been able to grow into a wide range artist. When asked about a favorite genre, I used to say realism, but now, I just want to create what the client, the piece needs, regardless of style. That’s how I want to tattoo.